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We know it is hard to think about losing weight when the best season (toe at delicious and fatty food is already here) however it i sour duty to remind you previous goals, for instance the resolutions you have made for this 2018, and one of those was of course losing some pounds.

Well before the year is over with everything it means we are going to give you some tips (some recipes better said) to keep on track with your New Year’s resolutions: lose weight and belly fat.

This has totally work for me, it is a 3 days diet based on drinking healthy juices for breakfast, yes you do not get to eat anything before midday, and trust me it works they reduce bloating or even if you are experiencing some colitis it will also help you on that. Best part is that you can actually use your blender to have them ready.


  • Day one Detox juice

2 apples (washed and cut) and the juice of 2 grapefruits.

  • Day two. Burning fat juice

Juice of 2 grapefruits, juice of 2 oranges, 1 cup of raspberry, 1 cup of pineapple, water.

  • Day three. Reduce bloating juice.

2 pieces of green apple (washed and cut), 2 celery stalks, half of a cucumber, 5 mint leaves.


Note. Wash all fruits or veggies, in case they all are organic there is no need to remove skin, if not peel them.

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