How to lose weight during winter-Capslim

How to lose weight during winter

Winter is always a difficult time to lose weight, not only because of the cold weather but also and most importantly because all those dinner parties we usually have to attend to; either they are with friends from work or just those relatives you only see during this time of the year December seems to be endless and so will be the amount of extra pounds we will put on.

But how to avoid this?

Well there are no magical answers and it is all about setting some sort of limits not to exceed with food and sugar, these are some of the things I do before going on this awesome season.

  1. It might seem a little crazy, but I put on my clothes and check on they perfectly fit. Some clothes may feel loose.
  2. I get on the scale, yeah that hideous machine which loves to torture more than one; and of course I start a record, I’ll do this every week  (I personally like to start on Mondays, right after pigging out on weekends)
  3. I wisely decide what to eat, don’t take me wrong in this one, what I do is if I know I have overeaten  on candies, next party I take a small serve, but what it is a fact is that we must have some control.
  4. I have my capslim pills to lose weight,   right in my night table, and if I feel too heavy because of what all the food I also drink a tea. 

Finally being on shape is not something you want to get by starving yourself to death, it’s something you achieve by changing habits, you may lose 10 pounds in a week but gaining them back the next one, pills to lose weight are there to help you out but not to do all the work for you.

Enjoy your winter!

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