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Thyroid is located in the lower part of the neck; it is a gland that is responsible for the production of hormones that regulates metabolism and functions of body organs, body temperature and memory. It is a small gland that is shaped like a butterfly and is located right in the lower part of the neck and in the upper part of the clavicle.
Some of its functions are:
• Promotes growth of tissues, organs and the whole body in general.
• Regulates nervous system functions
• Controls body temperature.
• Proper assimilation of nutrients from food.
•It is also involved in the control of the heart rhythm.
• Interferes with the health and good condition of the epidermis.
• Constitutes regulating blood cholesterol levels.
Thyroid functioning depends on the amount of iodine that the body is able to assimilate when we eat, whenever is a lack of iodine, the thyroid does not work well

Benefits of Natural Green Tea.-

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Green tea is associated with weight loss because it contains Polyphenol that helps boost metabolism by intensifying fat oxidation levels. It helps to seemingly level out glucose levels by decreasing sugar levels after eating, preventing insulin rise and fat gain. It is considered one of the best infusions and with greater benefits that prevent cholesterol, since it controls the levels and this is beneficial for our heart, improves the functions of the liver as "fatty liver", helps to lose weight due to its properties of oxidizing accumulated fat is very effective for reducing clear weight always accompanying with good nutrition and exercise. It fights constipation since it improves digestive problems. Some scientists claim that it has a mild laxative effect so that taking tea steadily can relieve constipation. 
Finally, it helps us to increase our defenses avoiding constantly getting sick. You must make sure that the Green Tea you consume is natural, not juices or sodas because they contain too much sugar.