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Thyroid is located in the lower part of the neck; it is a gland that is responsible for the production of hormones that regulates metabolism and functions of body organs, body temperature and memory. It is a small gland that is shaped like a butterfly and is located right in the lower part of the neck and in the upper part of the clavicle.
Some of its functions are:
• Promotes growth of tissues, organs and the whole body in general.
• Regulates nervous system functions
• Controls body temperature.
• Proper assimilation of nutrients from food.
•It is also involved in the control of the heart rhythm.
• Interferes with the health and good condition of the epidermis.
• Constitutes regulating blood cholesterol levels.
Thyroid functioning depends on the amount of iodine that the body is able to assimilate when we eat, whenever is a lack of iodine, the thyroid does not work well

Mistakes you make at nights that make you gain weight –

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Bad sleeping habits:  whenever you do not sleep well through the night your body produces a hormone called ghrelin which increases your appetite. Apart from that, cortisol increases as well, accumulating fat. By the way when you feel tired last thing you actually want to do is exercising, do I have to say more?

Eating too much at nights: supper should be the lightest meal of the day, it should include protein and vegetables, people tend to watch TV while having dinner, this makes you distracted about the amount of food you are putting into your mouth, of course losing weight is out of the picture.

To avoid gaining weight you should have dinner 2 hours before going to bed, by doing so your digestive system is able to work better. Eating low fat food at night is also great for your body; think about lighter food which by the way will help you with having a good night sleep as well.

Sugar should also be banned from dinner, since having it will make you accumulate fat, and therefore getting rid of those extra kilos will be impossible

Exercising in the morning-

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If you want to lose weight, exercising in the morning is ideal because our muscles are relaxed and metabolism is slower. Aerobic exercises are the fastest way to burn fat with cardio exercises, such as jumping. It is important to warm up before exercising, in this way you give your body a chance to go toning complementing with force exercises. In the morning our metabolism is accelerated by doing exercise and the advantage is that the level of glycogen is low this happens because of the lack of food (last one you had was probably 8 hours ago or even more) and since you have not consumed any food, your body will use accumulated fat as fuel, however the warm up must be stronger than at any other time of day because the muscles are not ready and they are more susceptible to injuries. Doing exercise in the morning is more effective to lose weight this is due to the fact that it does not come in the way, you do not have to stop any activity to do so, and  most of the times and this makes you have better discipline than any time of the day. As for your energy it will be greater for the rest of the day.

Menopause, already?

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In Capslim.US  we do understand that not everything has to do with losing weight or getting rid of fat easily, we know there are other topics that might influence on your weight loss journey, this time want to present an important matter for all us women: Menopause, which is a stage of the woman that is characterized because menstruation comes to an end, medical statistics indicate that 90% of women pass this stage between 48 and 54 years, the loss of production of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone unleash a series of symptoms that we will tell you about next.

Main Symptoms:

• Body Figure: changes in the body shape due to the accelerated metabolism causing increased body fat especially if the woman leads a sedentary life, reflecting the weight gain and this can increase the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

• Hot flushes: this is the main symptom and can last up to 5 years, it is reflected when the woman begins to suffer anxiety and heat accompanied by sweating and palpitations.

• Mood changes: the cause of emotional stress is also due to the insomnia suffered during this stage. Tiredness, depression, lack of concentration and energy, irritability, anxiety or aggression. These are some of the states that a woman can go through during menopause.

• Vaginal dryness: During this stage estrogen decreases which decreases vaginal lubrication. Dryness can make intercourse painful for women.

Losing weight when you are over 30-

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Losing weight after 30 is not that easy, first of all metabolism and habit changes, our life turns a little more busier and sometimes it is hard to have a balance in life.

After we turn 30 and every decade now and on we should be preparing our body for the next step. It is important of course to include an exercise routine. Some of us have also experience 1 or more pregnancies, and it is know that it tends to be a little harder to lose the extra weight, and even your babies are toddlers now your body might not probably be the same as pre-pregnancy. Another thing to keep in mind are the hormonal changes, menopause can actually cause your metabolism to be slower and therefore you put on some extra pounds; it is harder to get rid of fat and it might be that struggle the responsible for all that stress which makes our cortisol levels to rise, and then it is even harder to lose weight fast.  

Capslim is known for its natural ingredients which boost metabolism and help you through this stage, and to get the results you want.

Weight loss juice-Capslim


We know it is hard to think about losing weight when the best season (toe at delicious and fatty food is already here) however it i sour duty to remind you previous goals, for instance the resolutions you have made for this 2018, and one of those was of course losing some pounds.

Well before the year is over with everything it means we are going to give you some tips (some recipes better said) to keep on track with your New Year’s resolutions: lose weight and belly fat.

This has totally work for me, it is a 3 days diet based on drinking healthy juices for breakfast, yes you do not get to eat anything before midday, and trust me it works they reduce bloating or even if you are experiencing some colitis it will also help you on that. Best part is that you can actually use your blender to have them ready.


  • Day one Detox juice

2 apples (washed and cut) and the juice of 2 grapefruits.

  • Day two. Burning fat juice

Juice of 2 grapefruits, juice of 2 oranges, 1 cup of raspberry, 1 cup of pineapple, water.

  • Day three. Reduce bloating juice.

2 pieces of green apple (washed and cut), 2 celery stalks, half of a cucumber, 5 mint leaves.


Note. Wash all fruits or veggies, in case they all are organic there is no need to remove skin, if not peel them.

Capslim-Not everything has to do with losing weight


Yes I totally understand that our blog gives you tips on losing weight fast or getting rid of jelly rolls and loads of these kind of things, however this time we want to do something different just for the fact that one of our favorite “holidays” is about to take place.

Of course I am taking about Halloween, who doesn’t enjoy costumes, candies and all the fun involved with this particular celebration, which by the way has nothing to do with Mexican tradition Day of the Death.

So here you are trying to get the best costume ever but your bank account is telling that it is not a good idea, and being honest spending a fortune in an outfit you will be wearing just once or twice a year is not what I would call a smart investment, we are only one week apart an you do need to get that outfit ready.

Homemade costumes seem to be a great way to have it your way. Here we list some ideas of what you could take into consideration and who knows, you might be the winner this time.

  1. Bob Ross this could only work if you are not a millennial, otherwise avoid it because your friends will spend the whole night asking you: who are you?
  2. Fred and Wilma Flinstone this is ideal for couples.
  3. Operation costume this has to be my favorite ever, you only need gray clothes and red and white felt.


So here you have three cheap and funny options for this Halloween.

Capslim-Weight loss tricks

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Ok, your alarm clock starts ringing, you know it’s now time to get out the bed and get ready for work but then the first thing that comes to your mind COFFEE and a delicious blueberry muffin, after all breakfast is the time when we can eat a little more, but let me tell you that nonetheless it is truth a muffin it’s not the best option and I’m not saying that you should never have it, after all life will not be the same with those little sins once in a blue moon, we can have a delicious breakfast without all that sugar and flour included.

Weight loss has to do with discipline and changing our daily life habits; something that has perfectly worked for me and helped me to lose belly fat is having a different shake each morning.

Today I’ll tell you how to do one that can be an option instead of your blueberry muffin.

Firstly I’ll tell you that oatmeal is great to lose weight and our shake this morning will of course include it, we will also obviously need blueberries, banana, a pinch of cocoa powder, and even I prefer to use almond milk you have the option to choose lactose free and fat free milk, remember that we are using this shake to lose weight so you don’t want to add fat by using whole milk

The process is quite simple, the only thing you have to do is: putting all the ingredients in the blender,   make sure you do not add extra sugar or it will not work and it can actually make you gain some pounds instead.

This shake will give you tons of energy and it contains fiber and antioxidants too.

Weight loss issues-Capslim

capslim pills, capslim tea, capslim usa,,,, weight loss for women, rebbound effect

Weight loss has always been considered as some sort of impossible task, that feeling we have whenever we get on the scale and see those horrible numbers that kind of show we’ve been overeating and not exercising as we should have, or what about when we try on those new pants and realize they just don’t fit the way we want them to.

And the big question comes to our mind, how to lose weight then?

There is a wide variety of diets and weight loss pills that promise to achieve your goal easily, but the truth is that you have to be aware of what your body needs, for instance you may have an allergy to dairy products so for you a dairy free diet could perfectly work, or what if your colitis is out of control, than a fat free diet could be the solution.

Weight loss pills based on natural ingredients are another way to take if you want to lose weight, of course it is important to double check the formula and take into consideration whether you have some medical condition or not, pills should be taken as recommended and by no means think that if you increase the dose they will work faster and better.

Being healthy is an important matter, and it is not because we have to fit into these hideous stereotypes, it has to do with the fact of being able to enjoy life, to feel great and why not to look great too.

Keep in mind that we all not the same and what works for one will probably will not work for the other, take responsibility of your health and do not take the easy way that might cause serious health complications.








People use different techniques to lose weight. Some proved fruitful while some seemed to have drastic effects on the health. Everyone wants a perfect body with perfect curves at right places. for this, they use different methods in the form of exercise, physical activity in the form of diet pills. In the DIET PILLS

UK, around 25% of the population is classed as obese.

What are diet pills?

Any product that claims to include nutrients, herbs or any other ingredients. They can increase or decrease your weight depending on your desire. it can contain the following :

  1. Vitamin
  2. Minerals
  • Organ compounds
  1. Amino acid
  2. Botanical herb
  3. Enzymes

What are the effects of diet pills and supplements?

Diet supplements may seem like a magical solution for the people with a strong desire of individuals who want to lose weight or maintain their weight. The manufactures of the diet pills make extravagant promises about the properties of the pros that people attract towards then do not have any clinical research back up.

Despite having severe side effects, the demand for the drugs has been increasing at a very high rate because obesity is also increasing at the same rate.

Herbal supplements promised to lose your weight and burn your fat, within a few time period. Actually, the time period is the most catchy side.

Why do people use diet pills?

It because the sellers of such medication have gained trust through social media.through social media Marketing and other various measures and so people want to test than selves through the procedure involving in the form of diet pills.

Various factors that lead to obesity:

Several factors affect the mental health and obesity some of them are following:

  • Education:

        When people leave their education and stay at home they become overweight, this study was concluded by public health explained.

  • Genetics :

People are obese because their parents are suffering from the same disease.

  • Health concern:

People don’t become concern about their health until and unless they have seen any difficulty.

  • Gender:

In developing countries, women are thought to be more at a risk of developing on obesity depression cycle and also affected weight gain.

  • Age

An important factor that makes the situation worse is age. Within increase in age most health problems are diagnosed and age group of 50 to 65 years of age. And hence obesity also diagnosed and then this age group has less desire to lose weight.

Are there any Health Diet Pills?

eating well and exercising are great ways to get healthy. Diet pills are there to help to lose your weight but they have more side effects rather than positive effects. Losing weight from the diet pills must be your last option, with the proper medication and instructions of your physician. Because they would definitely increase your metabolism rate but also depression and diseases.