Weight is body mass index. In simple words, it is quality that is measured by proper and ideal weight depends on your body size, age, and sex. It is often said that the calories intake must be less than the calories consumed. The unit of measurement of weight is an internal canary system of the unit.

Importance of healthy weight in our daily life

A healthy weight is important for health and can help you to prevent and control many conditions and disease. Many factors contribute to person’s weight. They are can be related to the environment, family’s background, genetics or metabolism factors. Metabolism means the way your body changes food into oxygen.

There are different requirements of calories intake depending on age, metabolism, and level of physical activity. An average woman needs 2000 calories and an average man needs 2500 calories intake.

Why are people overweight?

  • Genetics:

People are fats because of Genetics; they get Characteristics from parents that make them fat. And create many problems. They are also determining the health status.

  • Psychological habits:

There are psychological habits forces. The people want to eat every time, wherever they want. Whenever they are interviewed and asked why they are overweight. They answered, “When I am happy I eat a lot, when I am sad I still eat a lot.”

  • Hypertension:

Due to hypertension, people gain weight at a certain level and then, make it impossible to reduce it.

  • Missing breakfast

When you skip your breakfast you feel hunger at the next meal and hence eat more. So it directly gains your weight.

How can obesity decrease your lifespan?

Obese contributes to various health conditions that limit the quality and quantity of life.

  1. High LDL cholesterol and low cholesterol both can be dangerous for health.
  2. Depression :

Due to obesity people become depressed. As a result, they lose their hope and obesity continues.

  1. Type II diabetes:

Obesity may result in diabetes and can be slow poisonous to your health.

  1. Lack of sleep (Sleep apnea):

Obesity can be a result of sleeping more than 8 hours per day. That is important to maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Some form of cancers:

Cancer can be endometrial, breast and colon. All are severed from that can take your life.

  1. Mechanization:

Due to the development, a machine has been replaced with the labor people have become less active.

  1. Weight loss  capslim pills :

The pills drastically decrease your weight but after some time, you again gain weight and its worse form. Not only this has had they caused server disease. We can say that obesity is a severe problem and we should do proper treatment in the form of healthy diet to cater it. A healthy diet is important to maintain your personal health the plant. The food based on animals and plants provide nutrients to your body and known as the healthy diet. We get energy and calories from these nutrients that make our body sunrising. These nutrients help build bones and strengthen them. It is only healthy food that can lower the risk of heart diseases and cancer and may contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.

Suggestion to get proper healthy weight:

  • Make yourself active i.e. both physically or mentally. Because activeness is the key to success
  • The calories intake must be less than calories burnt.
  • Skipping your breakfast is worst case. It directly increases your weight.
  • Exercise

Daily exercise of more than 15 minutes or walking for 30 mints is ideal for weight loss.

  • Regular physical activity helps you to not only feel younger but keep weight off.
  • Reduce your sitting time

Sitting in front of television not only makes you fat but also depressed you.

  • Check nutrition value of whatever you consumed.
  • Take a mixture of fruits and vegetable as Fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and mineral that won’t let your weight increase.
  • Download an app:

Keep an app on your cell phone regarding maintaining weight or calories counter. Once you make a diet plan just add calorie intakes into it. SO for you will let to know your track.

  • Stay hydrated and get enough sleep:

Once you have plenty of water before every meal you would have less space in your stomach to rest and taking sleep of 8 hours per day will definitely help.

  • Stick to your plan:

Don’t lose hope because you never know what tomorrow brings.

  • Reduce portion size.

Taking food in fewer portions help rather than taking them in large proportions

  • Focus on good days.

Because once you are active and stay positive there are more chances of success in your life

  • Involve your family and friends.
  • Address your stress and anger.

Try to stay calm and do try to burn your calories when you feel anger.





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